Christian Movie


"I love what I do. I love working in faith-based movies," and the Christian actor in me was very sensitive to the industry as I wrote this script...however, the comedian in me...the bold, brash, often unconventional "call em as I see em" funny man in me said the only way to write this script is to not hold back...and I didn't.

The result is a real "game changer." What those who have read the script are calling "a crazy unbelievable hilarious idea who's time has come", and Michael Joiner knows in his heart he is not only the guy to make this movie, but he is the only creative person who truly knows how to get this movie produced/directed and cast in a manner that will execute the full effect of hilarity .

"The ministry?" Joiner says, "will be in not only showing the world that we christians can laugh at ourselves, but in showing the world that we can make a great comedy. a real comedy, comparable to what Hollywood puts out.

I'm not going to name the specific films that are parodied in my movie, but I will say that they are for sure the most recognized in all of Christian film, and yet, although viewers who are familiar with the movies and scenes from movies that I "make fun of" in my story will be somewhat more "rewarded" as they experience the movie, I have been careful to script the jokes in such a way that you don't necessarily have to be familiar with the movies to get the punchlines...

The reason I cast myself as the director is because their is so much more than just what a reader sees on the page, and most of that comes from my own experience from watching, working and analyzing faith based movies. Another very important fact to keep in mind is, if I dont make this movie, it is inevitable that the secualr world will...and they will not be nice. In fact you can be sure they would be rude, crude and in fact hostile...not at all respecting what we hold sacred...putting myself in the role of producer, I will use the exact same barometer that has made me a succesful comedian with both the secular comedy club crowd as well as churche audiences...